SAP Create Maintenance Table and Transaction Code Step by Step

SAP Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) is a tool to generate a table maintenance program i.e. it will generate a program to maintain (Create, Edit & Delete) entries in a table.

To generate a table maintenance generator (TMG) for a table, create the table in ABAP Dictionary SE11.

SE11 ABAP Dictionary

Select “A” (Application table) for Delivery Class and “Display/Maintenance Allowed” for Data Browser/Table View maintenance under Delivery and Maintenance tab.

Table Display/Maintenance Part

Moreover, Add some field line for table.

Table Fields Part

Later on, we click Technical Settings button and fill in the blanks just like the following screen. We write “APPL0" for Data Class and “0” (Zero) Size Category. If all is okey, click REVISED <-> ACTIVE and SAVE buttons in order.

Table Technical Settings

And go to Menu Utilities –> Table Maintenance Generator.

Utilities –> Table Maintenance Generator

Enter the proper authorization group (&NC& is without any authorization) and function group. If the entered function group does not exist, it will create a new function group to store the dialog modules of Table Maintenance Generator. Select “One Step” for Maintenance type like following screen.

Table Maintenance Generator

And click on left corner CREATE button on application toolbar. Select Propose screen numbers and click on continue. The screen number for overview screen will be automatically populated.

Screen numbers creating

Table maintenance program is created. Now to maintain entries in the table, go to Maintain Table Views (SM30),write table name and show what we do but this is not user friendly, for this reason we create unique transaction code for this table. Go to SE93 and create new transaction code.

SE93 Maintain Transaction

In this Maintain Transaction SE93 screen, ABAP developers or SAP users can edit or change an existing transaction code as well as create SAP transaction code.

As you can see in the below screen, I want to create a new ABAP transaction code “ZAACAR01” for calling a Table Maintenance. So I type the new SAP transaction code in the text input area. Then click Create button to create the new transaction code.

Following screen enables SAP users to enter a short text description for the new SAP transaction code.

Among the Start object radio buttons, select the Transaction with parameters (parameter transaction) for calling a Table Maintenance using this new SAP transaction code.

Create Transaction

After transaction attribute short text is entered in Create Transaction screen click the green OK button or press enter to continue for SAP transaction creation.

In this part,we looking some important ones. We write SM30 for Transaction part, click all checkbox in GUI support part and finally we write table name and add update “X”. If all of done, click save button and transaction code was created.

Create Parameter Transaction

SAP users are now ready to use the new SAP transaction code “ZAACAR01”. Type the transaction code and navigate to the new screen by calling the transaction report behind the scene.


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